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It’s very hard to name an either civil or a commercial litigation field, in which we don’t provide our services yet. Starting with Labor & Employment laws, insurance & personal injuries fields for helping the individuals and finishing with the real estate law, business arbitration & mergers and acquisitions for the commercial and business entities, we have it all covered… Our vast team of lawyers and paralegals will be glad to provide you with a top-notch service and uphold your interests either in court or by reaching a confidential settlement in your favor…


98% cases won

Our track record is higher than that of the best MLB pitchers! We’ve won or settled cases in clients favor a whopping percentage of times we’ve handled – over 98%… That required us to put a lot of effort, timely diligence and an incredible range of legal wit, but we did it! So regardless of you needing a civil or commercial litigation services, be sure that with our company in charge of your legal interests the chance to win is 98 out of 100! We’ve never been settling for a defeat in any of our cases, sometimes fighting all the way, up to the state’s and country’s Supreme Courts, winning there!


Timely & Affordable

While we’ve already told you that we work with a whole multitude of civil and commercial litigation and win those cases literally all the time, there are two more advantages to hiring our law firm… Firstly, we never waste our clients time – either for redundant paperwork or for stockpiling their cases while doing hearings in the court. We have a vast team of lawyers and that resource always works to get your interests upheld and your case won in an as fast manner as only legally possible. Also, we’re proud to be one of the most affordable law firms both in Houston and in the state of Texas overall!

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Wage and & Hour Defense

The Wage and Hour (Overtime and Minimum Wage/Unpaid Wages) Practice Group is involved in litigation primarily relating to overtime and/or minimum/unpaid wage claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act or arising under Florida law (Florida's statute requiring minimum wages to be paid and Florida's unpaid wage statute).

Title 3 Defense

The Title III Defense Disability Practice Group litigates lawsuits brought under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act against landlords, tenants, and/or business owners. These suits are typically brought by an individual claiming to be disabled,a "tester" for an "organization" that purports to advance the rights of the disabled.

Employment Discrimination

The Kleppin Law Firm litigates claims of discrimination and/or harassment and/or retaliation by employees based on all federal, state, and local classifications- race, gender, age, pregnancy, disability, ethnicity, and religion. We also specifically defend claims of racial and sexual harassment and retaliation.

Civil Rights Defense

The Civil Rights Defense Practice Group litigates claims of civil rights deprivation by employees and individuals based onsuspect classifications under federal, state, and local law including but not limited to race, gender, age, pregnancy, disability, ethnicity, and religion, and any deprivation of civil liberties.

Labor Law

The Kleppin Law Firm represents private and public employers at arbitration and at the bargaining table, and defends charges levied against an employer by an employee or union before the National Labor Relations Board.

Appellate Practices

The Kleppin Law Firm appeals aspects of labor and employment law, wage and hour law, and civil rights litigation. We successfully handle appeals to the district courts of appeal in Florida, the Supreme Court of Florida, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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